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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 9, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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top of the hour here on msnbc we are following big retirement news right now. supreme court justice john paul stevens announcing his official retirement date, setting up a political battle in the senate. and one of the most controversial figures in the health care reform battle
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announces he is calling it quits. plus, the wife of the producer of "survivor" found dead in cancun. her husband is now the chief suspect. listen to this story. a russian boy adopted by a family in tennessee has now been sent back home, put alone on a plane with a note stuck on his jacket. we'll have more on that story just ahead. hi, everyone. i'm jeff rossen. thanks for being with us. so much for the week going out like a lamb. we have a packed show and a big news day. want to get right to it. supreme court justice john paul stevens says he will retire this summer. the move opens the door now for president obama to leave his stamp on the supreme court for the second time. today in the rose garden the president talked about replacing stevens. >> while we cannot replace justice stevens' experience or wisdom, i will seek someone in the coming weeks with similar qualities -- an independent mind, a record of excellence, and integrity, a fierce
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dedication to the rule of law, and keen understanding of how the law affects the daily lives of the american people. >> nbc's mike viqueira joining us live from the white house. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, jeff. >> what is the set up as far as a political battle that we're going to have another sotomayor sort of situation going on right now? >> reporter: it's interesting you mention sonia sotomayor because initially she was the front runner when president obama had this opportunity in the first year of his first term to replace a retiring supreme court justice in david suter. ms. sotomayor was caught -- a pejorative term -- seen on videotape where she expressed the view that a latino woman was in a better position to make judgments in some cases because of her life experiences than a white male. it was thought that at that point her star had fallen. president obama stuck with her in the end and she ended up getting 68 votes i believe it
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was when the nomination came to a vote in the united states senate. so here we see president obama returning from europe after signing that star treaty and a keen interview of how the law affects ordinary americans. one phrase we didn't hear the president say that we heard last year when we went through this was empathy that he would look for someone who would empathize with the plight of ordinary americans. this came pretty close. that phrase was widely criticized by republicans and even sonia sotomayor stepped back from the nomination hearing she went through. we heard all about the three people on the toch tp of the li because they were vetted the last time around. also janet napolitano, the former governor of arizona, now the homeland security secretary is because of her quote-unquote real world experience as is
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jennifer granholm the governor of michigan people who have gone through the political process who have had that kind of direct contact with the electorate. soet conventional wisdom is this might take a couple weeks. they've got a little more lead time in the nomination process. they obviously want someone in place before the supreme court goes back into session the beginning of october. for all intents and purposes they want that vote in the senate before the senate goes on recess in august, jeff. >> nbc's mike viqueira at the white house. thank you so much. what will the stevens retirement mean for the court and the country and the political fortunes of president obama? ben stein is yale trained attorney that went on -- i'm sure you recognize the face -- to become an economist and speechwriter to two presidents. ben is the new author of the book "the little book of bullet proof investing." wow. you know you're successful when it takes that long to get through your accomplishments. >> takes a lot longer than that. takes forever to get through my failures.
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>> mine too. thanks for joining us. what do you make -- >> i think there will be a lot of yelling and screaming. mr. obama will probably nominate an extremely left wing liberal leaning judge who will say he is a centrist and just following the decisions. he will in fact be someone who will abide by mr. obama's you might say progressive philosophy. the republicans will fight it. they won't be able to kill it. it won't matter because stevens is already a liberal so the balance won't be changed much. mrs. ginsberg is extremely ill they say. when she retires, she will be replaced by another liberal, still won't change the balance on the court. justice stevens was voted in 98-0 during his confirmation. >> yes. different era. >> different times. will the republicans try to block this no matter who obama -- >> no, not if they nominate a conservative. >> that's not going to happen. >> ask bork to come out of
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retirement. the republicans want to fight about everything because they feel the tide of history sz on their side now. >> what do you think this could do to the political landscape in washington? how long will this take? is the president about to warm up for a new fight? >> the president likes the fight. i think he likes it. it's his job. he's not a referee. he's a fighter. he's out there in the ring and he likes being out there in the ring and i think people around him really like being out in the ring. they'll have no hesitation about the kind of justice that follows their agenda. they're not afraid of the republicans. >> is it smart for president obama to go ultra liberal on a candidate? >> no. >> or should he go more centrist? >> ultra liberal is just going to add to the fury of the country about the country becoming too liberal and add to republican gangs in the mid-term elections but i think he can -- they're planning -- planning a good circuit court of appeals judges out there. he'll find somebody perfectly fine but it will not change the balance on the court.
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it's going to be still with mr. kennedy and still going to be a predominantly conservative court. that's not a court that is particularly consumer friendly, not a court that's going to overturn roe vs. wade. nothing much is going to change. i don't think it is going to overturn the health care bill. we republicans keep suing. i don't think it's going to happen. >> tell me quickly before we go about the book. >> a guide to investing, basically so simple that it's a joke because i'm a geico berkshire hathaway stock holder. even a cave man could get rich following this advice. it's very short. big print. lots of pictures. >> thanks so much for joining us, ben stein. democratic congressman bart stupak of michigan has announced he is retiring from congress. in a letter to his constituents, stupak writes, quote, i don't shy away from challenges, many times i am the last person standing. my main legislative goal was accomplished. it's time for new challenges. i've seen the gop field and i am not impressed.
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stupak has served nine terms but was the target of withering criticism for voting in favor of president obama's health care reform after initial objections over the abortion provisions in the law. nbc's luke russert live in washington with more on this. luke, good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon, jeff. >> tell us about what you make of this and what this could mean for the political landscape in washington. >> reporter: it's quite an interesting retirement. we heard rumors earlier in the week of the possibility that bart stupak would step down. he was first elected in 1992, been there about 18 years. democratic -- democratic leadership issued a full court press to try to get him to stay. phone calls from nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, john dingle, and president obama. but bart stupak in an emotional press conference today basically reiterated he has felt he has accomplished all he ever wanted to do as a member of congress. he said in 1992 he was elected on a pledge to try to make health care a right not a privilege. he feels that after passing monumental health care reform legislation last month that he
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has accomplished that and quite frankly he said it became a chore to go back to his district and meet with his constituents and work with them and get to know their problems doing what members of congress have todo. that being said, it'll set off an absolute sprint to try and get a qualified democratic candidate to run in this district. republicans have been targeting it from the beginning. why? it voted for george bush in 2000, 2004, obama won by two points in 2008, charlie cook, the political handicapper we all so love and admire has said now it will go from solid democratic leaning to a complete toss up. going to be very interesting to see what happens there in november. democrats want to hold this seat. republicans will go 110% to try and bring it into the red state column. jack? >> nbc's luke russert following all the latest for us in washington. luke, thanks. >> take it easy. now to new orleans where republicans have gathered for the southern republican leadership conference at an all out verbal assault on president obama led by sarah palin just a short time ago. take a listen. >> yes, we can spend money that
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we do not have on programs that we don't need and we're going to stick the next generation with the bill. to a lot of us that's stealing. and, yes, we can put our country back on a track that's not a good track because this track is going to quadruple our national debt. and yes we can let the government take over 1/6 of the private sector economy with the mother of all unfunded mandates, obama care. >> last night it was liz cheney defending afghan president hamid karzai and then offering her definition of the obama doctrine. >> it seems to me increasingly clear that there are three prongs to the obama doctrine -- apologize for america, abandon our allies, and appease our enemies. >> busy 24 hours politically in new orleans. nbc's michelle kosinski is there. good afternoon. >> reporter: hi there.
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yes, tough words from these speakers. of course, fully expected and embraced by this crowd of about 3500 republican leaders from southern states. and really however you looked at it, from sarah palin, i mean, it's kind of funny because there has been lots of talk about her red meat rhetoric against president obama and his policies. some people described her speech just now as as tough as the caribou jerky her people handlied out to every single attendee here. on one hand she was saying, you know, why can't republicans be the party of no? how about the party of hell no? against obama's policies. and then you had newt gingrich last night saying, well let's be the party of yes. saying, yes, to things like more jobs through tax cuts. really, however you looked at it it was a verbal assault on president obama. one thing that stood out was the back and forth over the next couple days where palin has been harshly criticizing obama and some of her appearances, especially policies on nuclear issues with north korea and iran in the last few days.
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well, he responded during an interview by saying, well, last i checked palin isn't exactly an expert on nuclear issues. well, today she hit back at him saying, okay. with all of his vast experience we haven't really seen any accomplishment. and you know using some phrases like drill baby drill instead of stall baby stall. so really an energizing point on a number of counts here for republicans getting ready for mid-term elections which is really their first battle that they've been gearing up for and then of course 2012. we did just hear from governor of louisiana bobby jindal who said in no uncertain terms how he is not running for president. he said he has the job that he wants for now. jeff? >> nbc's michelle kosinski for us in new orleans. thanks. breaking news now in west virginia where officials have just anounlsed a few minutes ago the rescue crews are going to go back into a mine where four missing men are still there in the wake of an explosion. the announcement came shortly
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after president obama offered his condolences to the victims' families and called for better mine safety laws. >> it's clear that more needs to be done and that's why i've asked my secretary of labor as well as the head of mine safety and health administration to give me a preliminary report next week on what went wrong. >> nbc's brian mooar is following breaking developments in naoma, west virginia. what do we know about when the rescuers will actually head back into the mine to try to find the four missing men? >> well, jeff, the good news is that they've already gone in and they're beginning that long trek about five miles into this mountain hoping to find some trace of the four miners who remain unaccounted for. that comes after bad news. yet another in a string of setbacks. rescuers were trying to drill down and be able to drop down a camera into the last unchecked rescue chamber. that drill hole went right into
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a solid pillar. that hole they had been working on for hours is now useless. there's another positive development. there is a fire, apparently, burning back in this mine. they were able to pump five truck loads worth of nitrogen into that area and apparently snuff out that fire making it possible for those rescue workers to begin that long trek back in and we're told by officials it is still officially considered a rescue mission even though there's very little chance these four unaccounted for miners might still be alive but they're going to try to get back once again, a fourth time, to that rescue chamber, and see whether hope against hope they manage to survive. jeff? >> all right. nbc's brian mooar in west virginia for us. thanks. a cancun vacation ends in tragedy. a woman's body found in a sewer and her reality tv producer husband is now the suspect in the murder. you expect to find books and lunch in a kindergartener's backpack but what officials
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a trip to cancun ends in murder for the wife of an american reality tv producer. bruce redman, the former producer for the show "survivor." during a family trip recently he reported his wife monica missing and two days later she turned up dead in a sewer. monica's sister says the couple had been having problems.
3:19 pm
>> trying to reconcile and, you know, being a good mood for the kids and, you know, being a family and happy. that's what the trip was about. >> joining us now is criminal profiler pat brown. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, jeff. >> this former producer has not been arrested or charged in the crime. he's been detained. he was then released after being questioned but told not to leave mexico. what does that mean? >> well, they're looking at him obviously since the couple was having problems and this is one of the most dangerous times for women when they sort of separate and then try this reconciliation thing and there's a lot of emotioning flying and if the person isn't somebody you trust absolutely with your safety you don't want to be there. of course we don't know that's what happened at this point. we don't know whether she actually did leave on her own walking around and somebody attacked her or whether this was a murder by her husband. >> mexican officials say there was a security guard at the hotel who saw the couple arguing and then saw him trying to hit her. apparently he had scratches on
3:20 pm
his neck and they're now conducting toxicology reports. how critical are those scratches on him at this point? >> well, certainly what reason would he have for scratches on his neck? an unusual place unless you are in a fight with somebody so that's one reason they're looking at him. the other reason i believe is that they said his stories didn't quite match up too well and from what i've heard so far, he said she went out shopping at like 10:00 in the morning but i heard he didn't report it for a day so what concerns me is if she was killed on the property it's an unlikely time for anybody to be attacked and dragged into a sewer, 10:00 in the morning on a hotel property that sat protected. that would be a strange story. why wouldn't he have looked for her all day long? why didn't he call earlier for the police? where would his wife be? why he would wait so long. i don't know if it's just a rumor but if it's true they'll be looking at that. >> this gets tricky legally. how long can they ask him, i don't know if they're asking or telling him not to leave mexico. how long can they do that? if he comes back to the u.s. can mexican authorities ever get him
3:21 pm
back if they get enough evidence? >> that's a good question and i don't know the extradition treaties between the u.s. and mexico. it's interesting he took the kids back to the u.s. and took himself back to mexico. i don't know the mexican law but i want to say something about the safety issues. a lot of people have jumped on this and said, well, mexico is a totally unsafe place. that really is not true. it's not any more unsafe than other countries and resort areas especially this protected area so the question is also going to be would he have the opportunity to move her body from the place that they were saying, the room they were staying in to that sewer location? how would he be able to do that and get away with it? they'll be looking at those possibilities and is it possible for him to commit the crime and hide her body? that's a lot they'll be looking at. hopefully they'll be able to get to the bottom of it and get some real answers. >> so sad for the children too, of course. thanks so much for joining us. going now across the usa, first to massachusetts where mark kerrigan the brother of figure skater nancy kerrigan is
3:22 pm
free on bail after pleading not guilty today to manslaughter charges in the death of their father. prosecutors say 70-year-old daniel kerrigan died after a fight with his son in january. the family insists mark kerrigan is not responsible for his father's death. next to texas where the army officer accused in the shooting rampage at fort hood was transferred to a jail near the post. major nidal hasan had been in a military hospital. the november shootings left 13 people dead. finally to pennsylvania where the father of an elementary school boy is in custody, this after police say he went to his son's school to get marijuana from his son's elmo backpack. school officials searched the backpack after the father called saying he needed something out of it. they found almost four ounces of pot. a russian official is demanding a freeze on all adoptions by american families. we'll have the disturbing story that sparked this drastic move. mother nature stirring up the
3:23 pm
usually calm scenes off copa cabana beach and surfers are taking advantage of the wild waves. trish regan is joining us today. >> reporter: in the business world we love to talk about the ism numbers, manufacturing data, all that kind of stuff that points toward whether the economy is getting better or not. today we'll talk about a whole other subset of data, we'll talk about babies and hem lines and what they're saying about the economy right now.
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what your feelings are, and did you learn anything? >> yes. he learned that porn stars are not trust worthy confidantes. >> you know, i got to admit. wasn't it great seeing tiger swinging a golf club again instead of dodging one? >> tiger giving the late night comics enough material for a few
3:27 pm
weeks, maybe a few months. just ahead we'll head to augusta to see how tiger woods is doing at the masters on day two. we'll try to predict whether the economy is getting better. a big task i know. i want you to forget the government data about productivity and all of that gobbledygook i don't understand but some of the best and most accurate economic projections come from the most oddball areas including the production of card board boxes to how many people are riding the subway. cnbc's trish regan who is usually a beacon of all of these government numbers -- >> oh, yeah. very into this stuff. fascinated by this data. there is other really good data out there. >> you know the economy is getting better when, what? >> okay. this is the funny one right off the bat. we go to hem lines. when they start to get shorter, people may have heard of this before, basically it started as a trend back in the 1920s. we saw women's skirts getting much shorter from where they had been previously.
3:28 pm
there is a bit of a sexist theory but i'll say it anyway. i should point out actually i have a shorter hem line on today myself. >> you're above the knee. the economy is getting better. >> the thinking is that perhaps women are trying to attract a spouse more so in a really vibrant economy so that's one reason. >> interesting. >> the other is perhaps some of the people that are selling these dresses are trying to eek out more margin and people are willing to buy less material for more money. >> right. >> when times are good. so there are a couple reasons there. >> interesting. i love that. i like that one. >> all right. >> hopefully the economy will get better quickly. okay. something about the nfl. >> the nfl, yeah. teams from the old nfl, when they win the super bowl, you tend to see the market do better. here is another interesting one. when the president's approval is down, then typically the economy is on the mend. that often happens, right, because when the president's really at his worst it's the economy that's at its worst. so as things start to rebound
3:29 pm
the psychology hasn't quite caught up with the economy just yet. now, this is my favorite one. men buy more underwear. thank god. right? >> lord. >> we need the economy to get better just so we can make sure guys are buying their underwear. >> are we really that disgusting that we don't buy underwear when the economy is bad. >> historically you have been, i got to tell you, but this past year 2009 was a record year for men's underwear. believe it or not. we all thought, well thank goodness. >> yes. >> at least they're buying that. right? even in the downturn this past year that theory didn't quite hold up. historically it has. fewer choose cremation. this is an eerie one. if you die you say, okay. my whole body. >> how do you know the economy is getting worse. >> immigration will slow. makes sense. less reason to come here. fewer babies being born. people don't want to take on that responsibility. now, again, i want to point to a bullish indicator. i, myself, just had twin girls. jeff just had a little girl. so --
3:30 pm
>> you look much better than i do for having twins. >> anyway, that's the bullish signs. we're doing our part. >> you are doing your part. there is something else. okay. more coupons redeemed. obviously. sexy waitresses hired. >> this is interesting. basically the theory is that a lot of these women that would have otherwise maybe worked in modeling or marketing, they can't get jobs doing that so they transfer to the restaurant industry. >> interesting. >> and they start waiting tables. >> and they're sexy. so the hem lines go up when the economy is good but sexy waitresses are hired when the economy is bad. >> so, jeff, you win either way. >> cnbc's trish regan. i'm sure you'll be back with something very serious on the "today" show. >> of course. >> just good stuff. the overall consensus is that we're getting better on the economic front so that's the good news. >> that is very good news. trish, thanks. >> you bet. >> hope you're getting sleep with the new kids. >> i'm trying. there are signs of a recent
3:31 pm
active volcano hot spots on venus. volcanos appeared to erupt on the planet anywhere from a few hundred to 2.5 million years ago. the discovery could give scientists clues about how venus resurfaced over the past billion years, which could turn -- provide clues about climate change on venus and on earth. because it helps me live the life i want to live. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. it is a big deal to have a heart attack. "what do you mean homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?" "a few inches of water caused all this?"
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introducing sudafed pe® triple action™. for more complete relief from the sinus triple threat. get more complete relief. with sudafed pe® triple action™. also find sudafed® behind the counter. i'm julia boorstin with your cnbc market wrap. here is a look at how stocks are trading today. we have the dow up about 50 points, still underneath that key 11,000 mark that we have been carefully watching. good news. companies are buying again. restocking their shelves. the commerce department says wholesale inventories rose more than expected in february. inventories were up a fraction with sales increasing for an 11th straight month. two former fannie mae executives are apologizing for their part in fueling the housing bubble that created the financial crisis. former ceo daniel mud dollar and former chief business officer robert levin testified before a
3:35 pm
financial crisis inquiry commission today. they said competitive pressure to boost profits, increased home ownership, led to the decision to risky mortgages being backed. back to you. it is the bottom of the hour and here are the top stories we're watching on mbs. a heart breaking story out of russia. an american mom adopted a 7-year-old russian boy only to decide she didn't want him anymore. she sent him packing all the way back to russia with a disturbing note. president obama's next big political battle the leader of the supreme court's liberal bloc is stepping down giving the president his second high court vacancy to fill. tiger has been out of the game for five months but you would never know it by the way he is playing in augusta. we'll get an update on day two of tiger's return to the masters live from augusta in a moment. now it's time for the fastest three minutes in news. my first time doing this so let's start the clock. we go "down to the wire" with the ultimate wave. you ready? hit the clock.
3:36 pm
first up, florida where the governor has a tough choice. with a new controversial bill on his desk today, teachers are protesting a bill to tie teachers' pay to the performance of students' tests. early this morning the state house approved the legislation. governor crist says he is not sure if he'll sign it. maryland could become the first state to ban the use of cell phones on the road. the state house signed a bill today. drivers would face a $40 fine for a first offense and $100 every time after that. now to western north carolina where a lightning strike may have sparked a natural gas fire. flames shot into the sky as you can see at this facility near the south carolina state line last night. no one was hurt. a colorado deputy is on unpaid leave. the reason? he used the stun gun on 30 students during a high school job fair. according to one of the stunned students the teens begged for the chance to feel the pain of the taser. two students were treated at the hospital for minor burns.
3:37 pm
the da is now investigating. kids and parents alike are flocking to "sesame street" on twitter. "the l.a. times" reports that the show's twitter account has jumped from 7,000 followers a year ago to more than 70,000 now. in one recent tweet cookie monster said he was not insulted that he wasn't invited to the easter egg roll at the white house. why shouldn't he be? president obama and the first lady will appear on "american idol" but they're not going to sing. it's for a special charity episode that airs next week. the obamas taped their appearance before the president left for the czech republic. "avatar" comes out on dvd next month but you have to wait if you want to rent it on netflix. the company has struck a deal with universal and fox to delay the arrival of new releases by 28 days. in return the studios will release more online streaming video to the service. you can almost smell the money rolling in from this fund raising idea. this weekend an illinois school booster club is selling alpaca
3:38 pm
poop. the st. charles group says it's the perfect garden fertilizer. whatever happened to bake sales and car washes? today students from high schools and colleges across the country are racing across the moon's surface. not the actual moon but a simulated lunar terrain course. right now the great moon buggy race is going on at the rocket center in huntsville, alabama. ladies and gentlemen, this is a flying saucer. >> one in five people across the globe believe aliens walk among us. a new worldwide poll shows most believers are men born around 1977. interestingly enough, the same year close encounters of the third kind was released. right now surfers are flooding into rio to catch these waves. the waters off copa cabana beach usually flat but thanks to three days of storms swells are now rising to 16 feet. that brings us "down to the wire." you like that?
3:39 pm
i did it. don't hit the buzzer ever again on me. don't do it. now it's time for the daily showdown. today's news that justice john paul stevens is retiring from the supreme court. reaction has been swift including this from president obama today at the white house. >> justice stevens has courageously served his country from the moment he enlisted the day before pearl harbor to his long and distinguished tenure on the supreme court. during that tenure, he has stood as an impartial guardian of the law. >> meanwhile, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell issued this statement, quote, americans can expect senate republicans to make a sustained and vigorous case for judicial restraint and the fundamental importance of an even handed reading of the law. mark levin is a liberal radio host and mcgraw millhaven is a conservative radio host. thanks to you both for joining us. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> i want to play something for you. here is what glenn beck said
3:40 pm
about president obama's next court nomination. >> if he's smart he will find a gay, handicapped, black woman who's an imgrant. >> mark, what are your thoughts? >> glenn beck's a performance artist. i don't really respect anything he has to say. what was much more interesting was what mitch mcconnell said that he wanted someone who practiced judicial restraint. i as a liberal would love to see judicial restraint not a court like one that chooses the president of the united states when the people vote for gore, not a court that says corporations are more important than humans in the united states. this court right now is radical and lawless and off the rails and i'd like to see another person like justice stevens, someone who believes in the rule of law. >> mcgraw, let me ask you this. who do you think a viable replacement would be that you'd be happy with? >> well, i think, mark, first of all needs to turn the page on the -- to the 2000 election.
3:41 pm
i'll go back to what glenn beck said. if it's a gay, black, woman female who is conservative then the conservatives would have no problem voting for that person. the supreme court nominee is a fascinating pick because you don't know who you get. gerald ford thought he was picking a somewhat moderate conservative and justice stevens turned out to be one of the leaders of the liberal party. mark has no idea who they pick when president obama picks it when president bush picks it when eisenhower picks it. they don't know who they get. that's the fascinating thing about the whole process. >> i think what's fascinating about justice stevens is that he was a moderate conservative. and then the country moved far to the right. the time he was picked by gerald ford, it wasn't his views that changed. it was a court that decided that it was going to be a judicial activist conservative court and left justice stevens behind. >> let's talk about some of the possible replacements. let's just move on and talk about the -- who do you think is possible among this list? we have a u.s. solicitor general, janet napolitano,
3:42 pm
homeland security secretary, merrick garland, federal appeals court judge, diane wood. what do you think? >> all fine picks but i'll pick someone off the list, the dean of yale law school, a very respected scholar, he would be the first asian american. that isn't the reason to pick him. the reason is he is a very respected scholar particularly on issues of international law and it would be nice to have that kind of expertise on the court. >> mcgraw? >> i don't know who obama is going to pick but i will make a prediction. i don't think it is going to come from the circuit courts. it might be a politician. it might be a former governor or a current governor. but i also don't think the white house wants another fight. going into an election year they are not going to go with somebody who is super liberal or at least i don't think they're thinking they want to because i don't think they have the stomach for another fight because they know the american public would not buy a very liberal justice.
3:43 pm
>> interesting times coming up. mark levine and mcgraw milhaven thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. a qatari diplomat was recalled by his government on thursday. the united states plans to close the book on the incident after receiving assurances from qatar that he will in fact be sent home. it's not clear if mohammed al madadi has left the country. mik? hey, dude! [ laughs ] yeah, this is how he dances. uhhh! [ laughs ] it's, uh, haunting. anyway, while i was away, the e-trade machine... thanks, martha. ...worked its technomagic, triggered my stop loss orders, saved me a pantload! [ pilot ] please fasten your seatbelts. dad? no, mike, that's the pilot. he's making an announcement! dad? ugh. [ male announcer ] upgrade to first class investing technology at e-trade.
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3:47 pm
visit with you. these folks just crossing the street leaving after what has been another remarkable day of golf here at augusta. tiger woods really playing out of his mind. all the critics who doubted he could perform at the levels before the last five months say it's as if there have been no distractions in his life over the course of that time. right now he is 2 under par for the day, 6 under par, just three strokes behind the leader and that sets up a huge weekend for tiger woods where he is back in the hunt to contend for what would be his fifth ceremonial green jacket, his fifth potential championship here at augusta national. there have been all sorts of crowds yesterday. the crowds were large but today they have swelled with beautiful temperatures here in this part of georgia and also the weekend coming this way. they're expecting more than 30,000 fans on hand each of the next two days to enjoy some of the golf and watch a guy people have mixed opinions about off the course but on the course everybody agrees really is still the wizard when it comes to the game of golf. in terms of those controversial banners that have flown overhead yesterday, one of them was seen saying, sex addict? yeah right. sure, me too.
3:48 pm
we have seen no such thing again today. in fact, the faa sent a safety inspector or two to go visit with the pilot and the operator and when they got to his location determined there were some minor mechanical issues with that plane. the plane has not been grounded but it has to fix those problems before it's allowed to fly again towing one of those banners. so far the skies have been clear. minus one plane. he's not towing a thing. the only taunting if you will came from the skies. nothing down here on the grounds. everybody for the most part just enjoying watching really the man who is the master back at work. >> and also me taunting your sneakers, too. you look real good from, like, here up. but then it's like, you know. >> reporter: well, yesterday we went in shorts but we thought we'd deck it out for a friday. >> looking good, my friend. i'll see you back in new york when you get back. our top three today in honor of the masters hollywood's best golf scenes of all time. we start with one of my faves. happy gilmore, an epic fight between the golfer and the game show host.
3:49 pm
>> i think you've had enough. >> no, now you've had enough. >> the price is wrong, bob. we turn to classic tv for number two on our list as ed norton tries to teach the game to ralph crandon. >> i think i know what it means. >> okay. step up. plant two feet firmly. hello, ball. >> and for number one, we could have chosen just about any scene from "caddy shack" but went with the one that every golfer can recite by memory. >> this crowd has gone deadly silent. out of nowhere, a former greens keeper, now about to become the masters champion. >> it's in the hole! it's in the hole! ss taken with .
3:50 pm
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welcome back. now to a story that's really spurring international outrage after reports a tennessee mother abandoned her adoptive son sending him packing on an airplane. russian tv reports that he arrived in moscow with a note from the mother saying she couldn't handle the child anymore and had to return him. tom aspell joins us from london. tell us more about how this came about. >> reporter: the russian government wants to suspend all adoption of russian children by americans after the 7 year old arrived in moscow on thursday and presented a note in which his american adoptive mother wrote that the boy was violent and had severe psychopathic issues. the note claimed she was lied to about the depth of the boy's troubles. russian tv has broadcast
3:54 pm
pictures of the boy asking questions about his treatment in the united states. he was put on a plane from washington with a backpack, magic markers and candy. his adoptive grandmother said she paid a guy $200 over the internet to meet his flight and hand him over to the education ministry. more than 50,000 russian children have been adopted by american citizens since 1991. 14 russian children in the u.s. have died of abuse since 1996. now, that's a small number but each case has caused outrage in russia why some people feel humiliated that their country is perceived as unable to care for its own children. russia was the third leading choice of adoptive children in the united states in 2009 after china and ethiopia. >> tom, thanks. crazy story. let's bring in adam. thank you for joining us, sir.
3:55 pm
>> it's my pleasure to be here. >> this is just an unbelievably disturbing story. first the obvious question, can you return a child that you adopted? >> apparently she did. the answer legally is no. there are a lot of ways you can abandon your kid. we see that happen in this country. this is a really unique one. >> is it criminal? >> i don't know. i don't know. apparently she followed all of the legalitiies of how to put a kid on a plane. i think abandonment is criminal in every state of the union. i assume she can be prosecuted. >> what did this note say from what you understand? this child gets back. the officials at the airport see this note. what does it say? >> well, as i understand it, it says what your correspondent suggested that basically the kid was violent and too hard to handle. you know, some kids are too hard to handle. some of them are adopted. some are in biological families.
3:56 pm
we don't condone just leaving them somewhere whether it is on a street, a doorstep, or putting them on a plane. that's not parenting. >> there are bigger implications here. russia is the third largest source of adoptions in the u.s. what if russia shuts down adoptions because of this? >> a lot of things happen. the bottom line in my estimation is a lot of kids that need homes will stay in institutions instead. i don't know how to argue that that's better for them. >> what happens to this child before i let you go? >> well, he's back in russia. it's hard to imagine that they're going to ship him back to the u.s. so i assume they're going to put him either try to find him a home in russia. i hope not put him back in an orphanaor phenomenon. >> we wish that child the best. thank you so much. >> absolutely. >> before we go, we want to look at some of your top stories today. court documents reveal some new details about bullying of phoebe
3:57 pm
prince in her final hours. the 15 year old was loudly berated in the school library and was taunted again as school let out and she walked home. she committed suicide just hours later. the teens accused of bullying her plead not guilty through their lawyers. federal officials say lawmakers reported 42 threats in the first three months of this year compared with 15 in the last three months of 2009. officials said they range from very vulgar to very serious including death threats. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu canceled his trip to a nuclear conference in washington. an official said he called it off after getting word that participants would "push an israel bashing agenda." the vatican says pope benedict is willing to meet with more victims of the cleric sexual abuse.
3:58 pm
a vatican official says transparency and rigor are urgently needed to show the church is run in a wise manner. before we go, one of my colleagues was looking at this on just a few days ago the twinke turned 80 years old. let's hope it's around for the next 80 years. i'm jeff rossen. thank you for joining us. "the dylan ratigan show" is up next. ron paul will take center stage at the republicans big easy conference tomorrow. have a nice weekend, everyone. [ advisor 1 ] i have clients say
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